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Goals for Purchasing a Home in 2022

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

2022 is here and the first full week is ending. What a powerful first few days it has been for sure. After a record setting 2021 for mortgage purchase dollar volume of more than $1.6 TRILLION in closed purchased loans, is everyone ready for an even better 2022? It will be better for you the better your balance of purchase to refinance volume is.

I know many of you may not been aware at the record dollar volume for any number of reasons, but if you were a purchase focused originator, your dollar volume should have been the best it’s ever been! If it wasn’t, you really need to take stock and pay attention, you won’t have trillions of dollars in refinances to carry the load. The strategies on the purchase side require some effort and consistency, and it isn’t about calling realtors and setting coffee or lunch appointments. You need a real plan and strategies that work!

First and foremost, you will need to keep yourself informed about the REAL markets you live in and what national news impacts your community and what doesn’t. For example, a higher conforming loan limit means much more in some markets than in others. For other areas a change to the FEMA map can make a huge difference. You need to keep informed and know what information really impacts your community and your business so you can provide real options and opportunities for your clients and referral partners. We will go into this more in the coming weeks.

Today, you need to focus on information that could impact the rate markets. Today we have the jobless claims at 8:30am and tomorrow we have the Jobs Report for December. Following yesterdays FED minutes that really shook the market, there is a chance that one or both could be market movers!

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